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The Full Story


AURONE is an incubator and an accelerator of early stage CONSCIOUS startups. We are focused on building and supporting sustainable ventures for building a sustainable planet. AURONE provides critical support at the early stage including strategic as well as process mentorship and guidance along with business partnerships and investors connects.

Who We Are

All of us are at some stage of our journey to discover our inner self. We learn through our passion, our work, our careers, our relationships,  our business, our startups, our communities.

While being a conscious founder helps in managing our work-related stress, running a conscious startup is full of ups and downs and adds to the stress into a founder's life. Ups and downs during the journey makes us a bit more self-aware and conscious while perceiving our surroundings.  

Sometimes we move with clarity, sometimes with confusion. 

At the time of confusion, we wish for an experienced companion to guide us towards the best way forward.

AURONE wish to become that lifelong sounding-board for that conscious startup and it's founder.

Our vision is to connect  every founder, seeking answers, with a buddy who is available round the clock and lifelong for that support, be it business growth or inner self-growth.

Our mission is to create the community of conscious founders & investors, who wish and learn to live joyfully and pay it forward to upcoming tribe of conscious founders & investors. 

Our thesis is that tribe of such founders will eventually help making this planet a better place to live for all the stakeholders, be it their  customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or families or society at large.

How We Imagine A Conscious Startup

Awareness: Company has an holistic awareness of the impact of its action

Profitability: Solving a real problem with a focus on profitability from inception rather than force-fitting a solution

Environment: At least one social or environmental cause is addressed with one of the solutions of the company

Ecosystem: There should be minimal harm done to any human, animal or the ecosystem

Stakeholders: Respect for stakeholders - clients, vendors, employees, shareholders, partners

Resources: Efficient use of resources

Marketing: Truthful marketing; word of mouth and referral should be the key channel

Sales: Sales should be solution-oriented rather than product features; repeat customers would be the key metrics

Approach: Collaborative approach

Culture: Creating a culture of health and wellness, be it physical, psychological or spiritual

Sharing: Supporting underprivileged with its resources

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